10XConstruction works with you to help you 10X the efficiency of your construction company through technology.


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New technologies that significantly enhance the efficiency of many construction-related jobs are introduced to the construction market all the time.

But the technical choices are many and confusing. How well do they actually work? How well do they work together? How difficult are they to use and learn? How costly are they? The questions are many and the answers can be confusing.

First, we sit down with the client and discuss what areas are possible to improve by technology and by how much.

Second, we discuss with them what areas they would specifically like to improve. We help the client set both short-term wins and long-term goals.

Third, we map out all the known relevant technology alternatives that can help the client achieve their specific goals, short-term, and long-term.

Fourth, we use our in-depth technical knowledge to show costs, effects, strengths, and weaknesses of all the technology options and weigh them up against the clients' specific goals using the Value Decision Table.

The client gets a custom fitted overview, which gives the client clarity of what they want to achieve, the results they can expect, timeline and costs, the best possible set of technologies for the job.
The client also makes choices that help them build a technical platform they can keep building on and invest-in that will get stronger and stronger going forward.

Furthermore, we will help the client acquire the technology they decide on.

And in the future, we will offer to train them in the use of the technology and help them through projects using the technology.

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